WebGradients is a free project of itmeo team. Simple and powerful, WebGradients contains 180 fresh backdrop gradients lovely served in Sketch, PSD, CSS and PNG formats. When you need to add a gradient in your project, WebGradients saves your valuable time in a smooth, handy and inspiring way. Bookmark the site to use it in your next project!

WebGradients 是itmeo 团队的免费项目 。WebGradients简单而强大,包含180个新鲜的背景渐变,可以以Sketch,PSD,CSS和PNG格式轻松使用。当您需要在项目中添加渐变时,WebGradients可以以流畅,便捷和鼓舞人心的方式节省您的宝贵时间。为该站点添加书签以在下一个项目中使用它!